Dear Daughter Quilt

Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2016




Dear Daughter is a sampler quilt that will include some text blocks. It will be divided into 12 sections, sort of like a block of the month but I'm calling them Chapters. Each Chapter will be a combination of several blocks and every month a new Chapter will be released. Within the quilt there will be 80+ pieced (6? blocks) plus several text blocks. The cost includes the entire series of 12 Chapters, Piecing Techniques, Coloring Diagrams and Sneak Peeks... Join in any time! The photo in this listing is for the first month or Chapter 1. I named my quilt Dear Daughter because my daughters are the inspiration for my quilt. Do you have to have a daughter to participate? Haha… of course not! This is your quilt! Your inspiration can be anyone or anything! Hope you can join in!

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